Soldering Board, Solderite

Soldering Board, Solderite

Non-asbestos soldering pads which are durable smooth and heat-reflective. Fairly hard so as not to flake or crumble. Highly flame-resistant and non-combustible these long-lasting all-purpose pads can be used to protect surfaces from burning. Meets OSHA standards. Maximum temperature 1700°F. 6 x 6 x 1/2

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5 stars title= For PMC lovers, 27th Sep 2013

Reviewer: Emily Miller

I like this board best of all the soldering surfaces at Baubles, it reflects the heat, helping keep my PMC pieces warm without direct heat from the torch. Its also soft enough to carve a divot when I need to support something that isn't flat. Keep one side for metal clay, one side for soldering.

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