Bench Block Steel/Nylon

Bench Block Steel/Nylon

This three piece set includes a thick vulcanized firm rubber base which absorbs shock, plus a solid steel block which is 15/16" thick. The third piece is a sturdy nylon block of the same size that can be used for more delicate work.

Steel and nylon blocks measure 3" in diameter.

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5 stars title= Nylon Block, Rubber Base, Steel sandwiched in between, 4th May 2011

Reviewer: Lisa Claxton

This is my everyday bench block. It works great for hardening small wire/metal pieces without damaging or marring the metal. Simply place the piece to be flattened or hardened btw the two blocks and hammer away. The rubber base keeps the block from damaging your work surface and helps muffle the sound. When using steel design stamps always remove the rubber base or your stamp will slide during hammering.

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