Tulip Fine Beading Awl -Pink

Tulip Fine Beading Awl -Pink

This fine beading awl features a silky comfort grip. It is a perfect multi-use tool that can be used for breaking out an extra bead that snuck into the beadwork, repositioning size 15/0 seed beads for easier access in tight projects, knotting between beads, or for magically untangling thread and teasing open knots.
The cushion grip handle fits easily in your hand without becoming slippery or causing fatigue. Comes with a hard plastic protective cover for the tip when not in use.
Measures 5 1/2" in length.
Made in Japan.

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5 stars title= yay!, 5th Oct 2014

Reviewer: Jae Morosin

Not only is this awl super cute, but the super fine tip helps make those knots nice and close while pearl knotting

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