Two-Hole Triangle, Cardinal Halo -6mm

Two-Hole Triangle, Cardinal Halo -6mm

These CzechMates Triangles feature two holes with rounded corners and measure approximately 6mm x 6mm x 2mm.
Sold in a 10 gram tube containing approximately 95 pieces per tube. Actual bead count may vary as diffent bead coatings weigh amounts.
Made in the Czech Republic.

CzechMates are contemporary, multi-holed, glass beads that are available in seven 2-hole shapes and two 4-hole shapes: bricks, lentils, triangles, tiles, daggers, quadratiles, quadralentils, crescents, and bars.
Check out our collection of free patterns that feature CzechMates beads.
Each of these different shaped beads are designed to fit together in patterns and can often be interchanged for different effects using the same pattern.

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Customer Reviews

Average rating: 5 stars

5 stars title= Yummerific, 11th Mar 2014

Reviewer: Lisa Claxton

I was sooo excited when these beads came out and still am!! The triangles fit together well with the other Czechmate beads. Several free patterns I have made called for these beads. I love, love, love 2-hole beads mixed within my seedbead projects. However, for rings I prefer the brick style of Czechmates as the ring fits smoother around my finger.

5 stars title= Two-Hole Triangle, Cardinal Halo, 18th Feb 2015

Reviewer: Colleen Scott

Yummy color - Consistent holes and shape

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