Tanzanite 2-Hole CzechMates Daggers

Tanzanite 2-Hole CzechMates Daggers

These 2 hole CzechMates Daggers measure approximately 16mm x 5mm x 3mm. The holes are spaced 4mm apart from each other.
50 beads per strand.
Made in the Czech Republic.

CzechMates are contemporary, multi-holed, glass beads that are available in 2-hole shapes and two 4-hole shapes.
Each of these different shaped beads are designed to fit together in patterns and can often be interchanged for different effects using the same pattern.

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4 stars title= Tanzanite Dagger Beads, 10th Feb 2016

Reviewer: Pamela Lawrence

Beautiful purple color, but a little too dark which is why I took off one star.

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