Beading Awl

Beading Awl

If this item isn't already a fixture in our tool box then you have been missing out! In addition to both making and removing knots this tool has proven itself a must have in just about every style of jewelry making.
Wire worker's love it to help shape and form wire from simple loop correction to forming that perfect wire crochet loop. Fine chain worker's use it to stretch fine chain links to assist in attaching jump rings. Bead store employees love it for its all around pick apart, guide a knot, remove debris from a bead hole, get beads outta tight corners and countless other tasks that calls out for a sharp pointy object to assist you.
The blue rubber handle helps with grip and comfort.

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5 stars title= Total necessity, 10th Apr 2015

Reviewer: Bead Freak

I use this tool for EVERYTHING. From knotting to un-doing knots, organizing, cleaning, making holes in leather, opening up the oval end of a dainty chain, I even use it to position my beads on the bead board to see how many take up an inch. I love it, and it's totally affordable too.

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