Ceramic Bead Tray

Ceramic Bead Tray

This ceramic sunflower shaped tray is a great way to sort small collections of beads. The heavy tray won't tip over and the smooth surface allows users to quickly remove small beads. This is a seedbeader's delight! Measures 5.5" across.

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5 stars title= Keep Those Beads In Order, 4th May 2011

Reviewer: Lisa Claxton

This is an invaluable tool for seed beaders! The tray has 9 compartment to sort your beads and is made of heavy ceramic so the cat can walk through it and it won't tip over :) I use the tray to help select color combinations without making a mess of mixing all my beads before my final selection.

5 stars title= No spills, 23rd May 2015

Reviewer: Bead Freak

This tool is very important for klutzes. I knock things over all the time, but this heavy ceramic dish keeps all the little beads separated and won't tip over. Love it

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