Hypo Tube Cement

Hypo Tube Cement

The precision applicator allows maximum control with this jeweler’s cement. Non-brittle, dries clear.

1/3 fl. oz. (9ml)

Made in the USA

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5 stars title= Bead Stringing Must Have, 4th May 2011

Reviewer: Lisa Claxton

No knot and the end of a strung necklace is complete without a little drop of glue. Super glue and clear fingernail polish make the thread brittle, this cement dries flexible and won't "crack" the thread over time. Also when the sad day comes and the piece needs to be repaired there is never any glue residue in the holes of nearby beads. Be aware however, the glue tends to outlast the tube it comes in an the tiny applicator tends to break off after about a year of use.

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