Jump Ring, Gold Plate -6mm 18ga 50 Pieces

Jump Ring, Gold Plate -6mm 18ga 50 Pieces

Jump rings are at the foundation of jewelry assembly. These base metal 18 gauge jump rings are durable and hold up to daily wear and tear. Jump rings measure 6mm..

Basemetal. 50 pieces per package.

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4 stars title= Stiffer than Imagined, 29th Jan 2015

Reviewer: Brianna Sun

When I bought this product I was under the impression it would be relatively pliable. Once I received it, I noticed that the coloring was bright and shiny, which was what I wanted. However, I was in a time pinch and couldn't find my pliers, and tried to bend it open to place a lobster clasp onto it with my fingers. Needless to say, I was unable to. Even with one plier the ring wouldn't budge at all. I finally got it open with 2 pliers and a lot of effort. Overall, I'd say this product was just a bit misleading in its pliability, but had nice coloration.

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