Torch, Butane

Torch, Butane

Our top-quality Micro-Flame butane torch is six inches tall, features electronic ignition (no lighter necessary), a maximum temperature of 2450 F and a 90 minute burn. Easy adjust feature assures the right flame for any job with precision accuracy.

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5 stars title= Micro torch, 25th Oct 2013

Reviewer: Libby Subers

It was a day like any other. It started as most days do, with the sunrise. I saw the burning brilliance of our governing star and was inspired. I must harness that heat! that energy! I shall buy a torch. A torch like the one we used in the silver fusing class at Baubles and Beads. I must have that torch. It will be my own personal sun, breaking chemical bonds and allowing them to reform in new shapes. Solid-liquid-solid. Same, yet different. Transformed, somehow, by me and my torch.

I would buy this torch again.

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