Hole Punch

Hole Punch

The easiest way to make a hole in metal! The screw action of this tool makes holes without deforming the metal and can make two different sized holes: 1.6mm (1/16") and 2.3mm (3/32"). It can be used with any soft metal up to 20 gauge.

Made in the USA.

TIP: The metal can scratch if the punch is screwed down too tightly. For best results, screw down the punch until the hole is made and unscew.

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Customer Reviews

Average rating: 5 stars

5 stars title= Punching Holes On The Couch, 4th May 2011

Reviewer: Lisa Claxton

Easy peasy is the other name for this tool. The no-fuss punch can make holes in soft metal up to 20g. I often use this tool to make holes in metal pendant and for many of my tube riveting projects. Replacement screw punches are available for those times when you've used the tool on something you shouldn't have.

5 stars title= Helicopter hole punch, 20th Apr 2015

Reviewer: Caitlin Kelly

This tool is a really incredible alternative to using power tools to drill holes. The helicopter mechanism gives the user a lot more control over when the punching stops so you don't get the ugly ring around the hole like you do with the hole-punch pliers.

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