As a little girl I was entranced by my dollhouse, everything in minature. At age 15 I began stitching seedbeads into jewelry and decorative objects. My interests have ranged from my first love of seedbeads to stringing, wire and cold connection metal-smithing. 

I explore new ideas and am driven by the classroom experience. Together we can share the experience of making jewelry that is directed through my favorite techniques and designs but are reflective of each individual student's individual style and inspiration. After the birth of my daughter the direction of my work took a major turn towards instant gratification and simplicity. You can view a smattering of my work by visiting my jewelry blog: Lisa's Kitchen Sink.

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Julia has been beading since about 1989 when she started with a book that came with a strand of monofilament and junky seed beads. With that finished project she began a lifelong journey with beadwork.

These days you will find her seed beading, knotting or soldering bangles and rings. Julia is currently the manager of Baubles & Beads spends pretty much her entire waking hours fussing with beads or strumming her bass guitar.

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I began beading about 25 years ago in my previous life as a geologist in Texas. My love of rocks and minerals drew me to semi-precious beads. I started with stringing and pearl knotting all the wonderful Earth materials together. For a few years beads faded from my life due to a career change to teaching, family obligations, and a move to CA. Then a friend from Texas came to visit and she brought a bead project she was working on with her. I loved the look of the tiny seed beads she was working with. We has to find a bead store and SOON! It was all over then, my obsession with beads, color and all the patterns they form was rekindled.

My love is off-loom seed bead weaving. My professional background is in science and teaching and both of these disciplines guide me as a beader and a bead teacher. I am always wanting to discover what happens if I do this or that with beads. And I love teaching and encouraging my students to try new things or new color combinations. When I teach a class, I am teaching you a technique or my vision of a design, but what I really want is for you to take it and change it so that it is your own vision.

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Colin was first introduced to the joys of beading at the age of 13. She has studied metalsmithing and glass bead making, and has earned a certificate for pearl and bead stringing through the Gemological Institute of America. After teaching herself how to do basic wire wrapping, she became fascinated with all things wire. Though the art of making chain has become her newest passion, Colin's love will always be for beads and she loves to incorporate them into her chain creations.

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15 years ago I walked into a bead store. Since then my life has been taken over by beads, silver, PMC, tools, teaching and enjoying the creative process. I love to teach, passing on the unique pleasure I get from making beaded jewelry. Teaching is fascinating, watching the effect your words and actions have on another person. Following students efforts and seeing the creative process happen is so exciting. I'm constantly learning from students, finding new ways to explain or demonstrate a technique. 

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Simply put, Kate Ferrant Richbourg loves jewelry. She loves to teach it, make it and wear it! Kate has been teaching and designing jewelry since 1992. She teaches at national shows, bead societies and bead shops and is published in a variety of jewelry magazines. She has also appeared on several episodes of the DIY and HGTV network shows DIY jewelry and Craft Lab.

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Anat has loved and made jewelry since she was a little girl in Los Angeles. Beginning at age 7 she was beading and doing wire work, and at age 12 she started studying with artists and craftsman, apprenticing as a metalsmith and learning how to create fine beadwork. Anat has exhibited and sold her work all over the US and Canada, including an exhibit as a featured artist at the Oakland Museum of Art Collector's Gallery. She has taught in the SF Bay Area for many years.

Anat teaches beadwork and wirework, enameling and metalsmithing classes at bead stores and bead festivals across the country.

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