Our favorite style blog: Honestly wtf keeps coming out with great beginning level jewelry DIYs. Use our quick links to gather the materials and click on any picture to be redirected to a blog you'll love to follow and the tutorial.




Macrame Bracelet



Rhinestone Sliding Knot


Gold Tube Bracelets




Woven Charm Bracelet


2 bobby pins

Wrap Bangles


A couple of bangles

Brightly colored embroidery floss

A bunch of 6mm & 7mm jump rings
A toothpick

Charm Bracelet


3 large petal bead caps

12 10mm Swarovski pearls

3 12mm Swarovski pearls

19 headpins

A pre-made charm bracelet

7+ spacer beads

Wire cutters 



Lucky Anklet



Rhinestone Sliding Knot



Vintage Statement Necklace


2 vintage rhinestone necklaces