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Acorn Charm, Bronze -11mm
Aroown charm, Bronze -24mm
Bird's Nest Charm, Bronze -15mm
Bronze Ganesh Charm -20mm
Bronze Peace Dove -18mm
Bumble Bee, Bronze -14mm
Bumble Bee, Silver Plated Bronze -14mm
California State Charm, Bronze -17.8mm
Cowrie Shell Charm, Bronze -15mm
Day of the Dead Sugar Skull -20mm
Double Wing Charm, Bronze -19mm
Feather Charm, Bronze -22mm
Feather, Silver Plated Bronze -22mm
Fertility Goddess Charm, Bronze -23mm
Key charm Pendant, Bronze -22mm
Laughing Buddha, Bronze -14mm
Laughing Buddha, Silver Plated Bronze -14mm
Lotus Charm, Bronze -14mm
Love You To The Moon & Back Charm, Bronze -27mm
Lucky Horseshoe, Bronze -13mm
Meditating Buddha, Bronze -20mm
Meditating Buddha, Silver Plated Bronze -20mm
Mexican Sacred Heart Charm, Bronze -20mm
Owl Charm, Bronze -20mm
Owl Charm, Silver Plated Bronze -20mm
Peace Symbol, Bronze -12mm
Pine Cone Charm, Bronze -14mm
Skull, Bronze -22mm
Spike Dangle, Bronze -17mm
Spike Dangle, Bronze -23mm
Spike Dangle, Silver Plated Bronze -17mm
Spike Dangle,Silver Plated Bronze -23mm
Starfish Charm, Bronze -16mm
Teardrop Nugget Drop, Bronze -13.5mm
Wishbone Charm, Bronze -10mm