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Chartreuse Saturn Bead -8mm
Crystal Copper Lined Peanut Bead -6.5mm
Crystal Silver Lined Faceted Barrel -7mm
Crystal Silver Lined Peanut Bead -6.5mm
Dark Carnelian Triangles -19mm
Glass Ducky Bead -17mm, 1 strand of 25 beads.
Gold Silver Lined Faceted Barrel -7mm
Jet Black Peacock Triangles -12mm x 9mm
Jet Black Saturn Bead -8mm
Jet Black With Silver Highlights Tube -32mm
Matte Crystal Triangles -13mm
Matte Jet Black Triangles -13mm
Metallic Copper Satin Cube Glass Bead -4mm
Opaque Turquoise Nugget -6x8mm
Owls, Marbled Chartreuse with Light Blue